Farmers & Enviroment

About Our Company

Caljen Agri is a Malaysian based Agricultural company that offersagricultural products that are manufactured in Malaysia, we provideproducts and solutions that help farmers achieve food security worldwide.We also develop non-toxic crop protection products that help the averagefarmer reach maximum crop yield. Through natural processes, ourorganization creates eco-friendly, biodegradable solutions usingnanotechnology and other scientifically proven methods. Our methods helpdevelop world-class crop protection products and seeds.

By helping farmers to fight against, weeds, pests, diseases and adverseeffects of weather on crops, we will create an endless food supply streamfor the world at large. Farmers around the world trust us to help themproduce healthy, premium crops and minimize the use of preciousresources; this is of course due to our convincing results, honesty and solidtrack record.

We are committed to creating a better life for not only the farmer but alsothe consumers while ensuring that the ecosystem is not harmed. Theeffects of all our products are frequently closely monitored, from the farm tothe table, so that we can always improve on our processes and methods.Third-party agencies and regulatory bodies review and confirm our findings,ensuring we bring safe and effective products to market.