We believe in the infusion of innovation and tradition since our inception we have always been passionate and dedicated to farming, develop and improve on farming products and methods. Practical methods, effective products with exceptional response time are the major pillars of Caljen Agri.

Our goal is to develop and provide farmers with cost-effective solutions for farm produce and yield problems to make the work of the farmers easier and more profitable without jeopardizing the health and wellness of the consumers of these products, we provide economic and professional solutions as well as a reliable sales service.

As a major player in agricultural advancements, Caljen Agri realizes customer needs at the highest level. The comprehensive service for the modern farmer: extensive advice, customized solutions and many years of experience coupled with an irrepressible passion for innovation.

We Bring Opportunity in Agriculture Revolution


Over the years, farming has become a professional business. First-class innovations and the highest quality have become a must. With Caljen Agri every farmer can be assured of getting the best farm produce with high yield. Caljen Agri has been a global player in the development of revolutionary agricultural products that pose no health or environmental threats. Our dedication gives us the opportunity to stay with innovative ideas and extensive know-how on the road of success and to be a step ahead of competitors.