New invention grade liquid fertilizer with Nano particles size


Nano Fertilizer is a new invention grade liquid fertilizer with Nano particles size. It gives deep penetration to the soil thus provides nutrient and maximize positive effects to the vegetation.

    Physical Properties:
  • Base: Organic dispersion
  • Color: Black liquid
  • 1KG, 5KG or 20KG/Jar
    Dilution Guide:
  • Mix 1 part of N.Fertilizer to 20 parts of clean water. ( 1 : 20 )

  • Nano Fertilizer is a concentrated fertilizer. Suggested to apply to plane once a week. Dilution ratio can be adjusted according to individual situation and type of vegetation. Diluted solution can be spray on the whole plants or soil.

    Storage & Shelf Life:
  • Keep in tightly closed containers when not in use. Store at well ambient room temperature, protect from freezing and avoid from sunlight. Keep out reach of children. Shelf life is normally 12 months.

  • As the actual use of this product is beyond our control, no guarantee or warranty expressed or implied is made as to the effects of such use, whether or not in accordance with our directions or recommendations.