odorless, water clear color sticky glue for trapping pest


Rat Glue is odorless, water clear color sticky glue for trapping of mouse, rat, cockroaches, house flies and fruit flies. It is non-toxic, weather resistant, can be used in indoor or outdoor, domestic or commercial. Weather Resistant Transparent, Optical Clear. Non-Toxic. No Smell, Odorless. Easy to use

    Physical Properties:
  • Base : Modified Rubber
  • Color : Clear to slightly cloudy
  • Viscosity : Gel paste at ambient temperature 4,000 – 6000cps @ 80oC
  • Clean Up : If stain found on floor or hand, use cooking oil follow by soap.
  • 120m / 220ml / 1 Liter / 5 Liter
  • It is ready for use as supplied. Scrap the glue from tin using scrapper. Apply the glue on corrugated board or plywood. For easy application, the glue can be warm up by heat up or soak in boiling water for 5 minute.

    Storage & Shelf Life:
  • Keep at ambient temperature. Avoid direct sunlight and protect from freezing. Shelf life is normally 1 year.

  • As the actual use of this product is beyond our control, no guarantee or warranty expressed or implied is made as to the effects of such use, whether or not in accordance with our directions or recommendations.