A sprayable glue for Pest-Control on any surfaces


A sprayable glue for Pest-Control on any surfaces! This amazing Anti-Pest Sticky Spray allows you to prepare your own traps using a cardboard, PE sheet or dustbin lining bags for catching small flying insects or sometimes crawling insects too. It is easy to use and is safe for indoor or outdoor with non-toxic, odorless and environmental friendly ingredients. If you have an Insect Sticker or Insect Sticker Tray that you want to re-use after it's completely full of insects, you can also spray another thin layer of it to increase the tackiness.

  • - Weather Resistant
  • - Transparent, Optical Clear
  • - Non-Toxic
  • - No Smell, Odorless
  • - Easy to use
  • - For catching: Lizards, Fruit-flies, Cockroaches, House-flies and etc.
  • - Repels: Thieves, Animals, Crows and etc.
  • - Suitable to use in: Indoor, Home, Restaurant, Hawker stall, Poultry farm, Vegetable farm, Fish market, Slaughter house, Garden and etc.
    Physical Properties:
  • Base : Modified Rubber
  • Color : Water Clear
  • Viscosity : < 500 cps
  • Diluent : Toulene or Acetone
  • Cleaning : Cooking Oil or Kerosene
  • 400ml per can
  • Shake before use. Spray glue onto board or plastic, and position it with staples or tapes. Can be spray on dustbin lining bags for catching of houseflies. Dispose according to regulation.

    Storage & Shelf Life:
  • Flammable. Store between 6 - 20oC, avoid direct sunlight and source of ignition. Shelf life is normally 6 months if store between 10 - 30°C.

  • Glue can be removed from hands & tools with cooking oil, follow by soap. Keep out of reach of children. Flammable. Content under pressure. See material safety data sheet for more information.

  • As the actual use of this product is beyond our control, no guarantee or warranty expressed or implied is made as to the effects of such use, whether or not in accordance with our directions or recommendations.